Wednesday, August 02, 2006

jManage 1.5 beta is now available

This is a beta release of the awaited 1.5 version that introduces,

1. Dashboard framework to build custom dashboards. Customized dashboards can be tailored to specific objectives. These dashboards are,
a. Live -> automatically refreshed to provide latest information.
b. Customized -> users can build a dashboard from scratch or personalize an existing one to suit their needs.

This also comes with a default Java5 dashboard and we will be adding more dashboards in the future releases.

2. Connector framework for monitoring/managing non-JMX based environments. This framework can be used to expose necessary information on a non-JMX based environment as an application of MBeans. These applications can be registered, monitored and managed through jManage.

This release also comes with a primitive Oracle connector

3. MBean Info layering framework to provide additional information for MBeans. JDK 1.5 MBeans now get presented with MBean, attribute and operation descriptions.

Please use the following installation guide: