Thursday, December 29, 2005 --> second most popular site with JMX tag

It is interesting to find that is the second most popular site tagged with the keyword "JMX" on provides a "tag" based mechanism to search content.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Get notified on new jManage releases

jmanage-announce is the new mailing list for notification on new releases.
Please subscribe to get notified about the new releases:

If you have already subscribed to jmanage-users mailing list,
there is no need to subscribe to jmanage-announce.

When a new version of jManage is available, notification will be sent to both
jmanage-users and jmanage-announce mailing lists.

jmanage-announce is a low volume mailing list, limited to just release notifications.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

jManage 1.0.1 released

jManage 1.0.1 is the first maitenance release in the 1.0 series, with some important bug fixes and new features.

You can download 1.0.1 from:


Feature Requests:

1389736 - Add support for modifying array data types
1378203 - Improve the display of array data types
1388556 - Add support for Formatting data based on CompositeType
1374698 - Can't see exception contents when operation fails
1374980 - Include both *.cmd and *.sh in .gz and .zip distributions

Bugs fixed:

1380782 - NPE in AuthServiceImpl.login
1378197 - Connection not being closed during graph view
1379756 - cannot view EJB 3.0 info on JBoss
1379511 - buttons look like inactive

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

jManage 1.0 final released

We are pleased to announce the release of jManage 1.0 final. This is a result of a lot of hard work by the jManage contributors and feedback from the jManage users.

jManage is a open source, web and command-line based JMX client, which provides a centralized console for managing application clusters and distributed-application environments. jManage goes beyond an ordinary JMX client by providing features like Alerts, Graphs, Security, SNMP support, etc. The jManage mission is to provide an open source management platform, which can be used to manage and monitor complete production environment.

We recommend that you upgrade from 0.5 release to 1.0, to make use of new features like Alerts, Graphs, SNMP support, etc.
jManage 1.0 can be downloaded from:

Following is a list of new features in 1.0:

- Graphs
- Alerts
- Basic SNMP support.
- Support for Open MBean types: CompositeData and TabularData.
- Framework to define DataFormat objects for custom classes.
See and under config.
- Support for external login modules (JAAS based with name and password callback)
- Changes to application type management (introduced application-type-config.xml)
- Changed jmanage startup to use jetty-config.xml. This moves the jmanage port
configuration and also the SSL configuration to jetty-config.xml. Please
refer Jetty documentation to modify this file.
- Added exception handling for JSPs.
- Added support for viewing XML files.
- New components based source structure. The build is now done using Maven.

To see a complete list of features, please visit

Please send an email to with feedback.

Rakesh Kalra

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

jManage 1.0 beta2 is now available

You can download jManage 1.0 beta2 here.

Release Notes :

This is the beta2 release of the much awaited 1.0 version. Please see jManage home page for the list of features in 1.0.

To upgrade an existng jManage installation, please copy all files from the old jmanage_home/config dir to the new jmanage_home/config dir. E.g. copy files from jmanage-0.5.4/config to jmanage-1.0-beta2/config dir ("cp -r" on unix does the trick).
Please make sure you copy all files, specially "jmanage-key".

The following 0.5 install guide still holds good (except that the port number is now configured in jetty-config.xml):

Changes since 1.0 beta :

Feature Requests:

1333311 - Add to Application, etc, via Wildcard Reference
1357757 - Improve graphing module by adding yaxis label & scale factor

Bugs Fixed:

1350519 - NPE in connectionFailed.jsp
1354263 - Cluster level operations don't work in 1.0 beta
1351764 - #!/bin/sh needs to be first line in shell scripts
1350515 - does not work

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Using jManage 1.0 to connect to JDK 1.5

JDK1.5 exposes mangement information via a set of MBean registered in the platform MBeanServer. jManage can be used to manage and monitor a JDK 1.5 application.

To enable a JDK 1.5 application for remote monitoring, add the following system properties to your JDK1.5 application:

Add this application in jManage as a JSR160 application with the following URL:


You will see that you can monitor and manage ClassLoading, Memory, Threads, etc. You can even change the log level of your application, if your application uses JDK logging API.

Note that it is important to enable authentication for your production JDK1.5 application. To enable authentication and access control, please read this.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

jManage will continue to use Apache 2.0 license

jManage was considering moving to LGPL, starting with 1.0 release. Based on the user feedback, jManage team has decided to continue with the Apache 2.0 license.

We have also started releasing 1.0 builds under Apache 2.0. These are available for download here.