Wednesday, November 16, 2005

jManage 1.0 beta2 is now available

You can download jManage 1.0 beta2 here.

Release Notes :

This is the beta2 release of the much awaited 1.0 version. Please see jManage home page for the list of features in 1.0.

To upgrade an existng jManage installation, please copy all files from the old jmanage_home/config dir to the new jmanage_home/config dir. E.g. copy files from jmanage-0.5.4/config to jmanage-1.0-beta2/config dir ("cp -r" on unix does the trick).
Please make sure you copy all files, specially "jmanage-key".

The following 0.5 install guide still holds good (except that the port number is now configured in jetty-config.xml):

Changes since 1.0 beta :

Feature Requests:

1333311 - Add to Application, etc, via Wildcard Reference
1357757 - Improve graphing module by adding yaxis label & scale factor

Bugs Fixed:

1350519 - NPE in connectionFailed.jsp
1354263 - Cluster level operations don't work in 1.0 beta
1351764 - #!/bin/sh needs to be first line in shell scripts
1350515 - does not work

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