Friday, January 20, 2006

jManage configuration files you should know about

jManage configuration files can be found under the config directory. You can modify some of these files to customize jManage for your needs.

Following is a list of important jManage configuration files and their usages:

This files contains the configured applications, alerts, graphs, etc.
You will normaly not edit this file by hand.

This file contains the key encrypted using the admin password.

Contains jManage users.

Edit this file to add more roles.
Contains access control list. See this doc for more information.

The Jetty configuration file. You will need to edit this file if you want to change the default port for jManage. See Jetty documentation for more information.
General jManage configurations.
jManage uses JDK logging system. This the JDK logging configuration file.
Data format configurations for web interface.
Data format configurations for command-line interface.

JAAS authentication configuration file.
User to role mapping, if you have configured a different authentication module in jmanage-auth.conf.

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