Friday, March 17, 2006

jManage 1.0.4 released

jManage 1.0.4 is a maintenance release in the 1.0 series, with some bug fixes and improved support for SNMP.

Currently jManage only supports SNMP version 1 with "public" community name. The SNMP OIDs are configured in Currently, this file only contains Solaris OIDs. You can add more OIDs to this file.

You can download jManage 1.0.4 at:


Bugs fixed:

1392503 - SNMP port entered through UI is not being used
1445291 - .sh files do not work with cygwin
1431102 - Allow other users with admin access to unlock "admin" user
1445126 - jManage fails with quoted object names
1452904 - Rename "weblogic61" to "weblogic" in application-type-config

Feature Requests:

1419292 - Allow users to add custom classpath to jmanage classpath
1452896 - SNMP: Support for Solaris OIDs

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